Sugar Flowers

Exquisite Sugar Flowers Custom Made by Hand for You

I specialise in making edible sugar flowers for wedding cakes and other cakes. Each flower is handmade with all edible ingredients and can be made to look like the flower of your choice.

I have done many hours of training by some of the worlds best sugar flower creators and my sugar flowers can really set your wedding cake apart.

Sugar flowers are made from sugar paste and whilst they are edible, they are essentially a decorative item. They are each hand crafted and coloured to match your style and colour palate. They can also be styled to match your wedding bouquet. Your sugar flowers can serve as a memento of your special day as they can last for years when stored in an airtight container.

Don’t forget that sugar flowers are not only for wedding cakes, they can also be used to create truly unique birthday cakes or any other sort of cake, including as individual toppers for cupcakes.

Why Sugar Flowers Rather than Real Flowers

Whilst I am happy to work with your florist and place fresh flowers on a wedding cake, I prefer to place sugar flowers on cakes rather than real flowers for a number of reasons.

  • A key reason is that I know that everything in my sugar flowers is totally edible and non-toxic. Whilst, I always ask that any real flowers placed on a cake are sprayed I and I expect the florist can not guarantee this. These days commercial flowers¬†are grown using pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals so it is very hard to get ones that are truly food safe.
  • Many real flowers are toxic, these include hydrangea, tulips, daisy’s and many more. These flowers should never be placed near food.
  • The flowers are very¬†important part of the cake. If I create the sugar flowers I can ensure that they work in with your overall theme. With real flowers I have very limited control over the final result as I do not get to see the flowers until I am setting up the cake.
  • The cost difference between flowers from your florist and hand crafted sugar flowers is probably not as much as you think.


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